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The Why

For decades, the same problems have plagued the radiology community: lack of accessibility to studies, working on disparate systems which have zero connectivity to one another, inability to read or dictate studies across regions due to medical facilities' deficient interoperability. Dextro Imaging Solutions' Multi-PACS Workstations solve these longstanding issues and so many more.


Disparate PACS

Read from multiple PACS at multiple sites.


Multiple Dictation

Use multiple dictation systems.


Medical Displays

Save money on medical displays.


Multiple Instances

Run multiple instances of PowerScribe on the same workstation.



Use one microphone, mouse, and keyboard.


Rolling Around

Stop moving back and forth between workstations.

The How

Radiology PACS Access Solution (RPAS)

​A fully operational hardware-software hybrid solution that takes the best hardware components and marries them to our internally developed software.


Separate VPNS?


Different site requirements?


Separate dication clients?

Separate & Secure​

RPAS marries individual hardware with already established PACS and dictation access and multiplies it.Through specially engineered, individual hardware components connected to each facility, we are able to maintain separate connectivity. Each site running its own operating system with a completely separate connection, presented on one single workstation using one set of diagnostic monitors and one set of peripherals.

Smart Switching​

RPAS provides auto-selection of your choice PACS.Each configured blade supports a PACS client. Easily switch to any configured PACS instantly while the additional sites continue to run independently and without interruption.