JUSHA-C1210G - 12 MP - 31" - 4200x2800 - Color

Jusha12MP dual-screen medical-grade color monitor. With seamless dual-screen, Full Screen Uniformity, 16-bit and 3D LUT, 10-bit color depth, medical images are accurate and consistent. Electric Rotatable Front Sensor together with Jusha QA software guarantees long-term quality. Other shortcuts help users boost their productivity.

Full Screen Uniformity

Through the pixel-by-pixel full-screen brightness uniformity calibration, the difference in brightness and color temperature of different screen areas caused by the characteristics of  the liquid crystal panel can be effectively reduced. Ensure that any area of the entire screen  conforms to the DICOM standard, which can significantly reduce missed and misjudged diagnosis.

Jusha Qualitas QA software

Jusha self-developed QA software can help IT managers do local and remote DICOM check and calibration. Scheduled tasks, embedded QA, centralized device management and many other features are easy and intuitive to operate.

Human Detection

Human detection feature will turn off the monitor when no person is presented. This prolongs the monitor's life cycle, and helps save energy.

Electric Rotatable Front Sensor

Invisible electric rotatable front sensor maximizes the screen-to-body ratio on the front of the  display, pursuing a perfect balance between practicality and comfort.

Radiology and Pathology Mode

Set accurate and corresponding display calibration curves for different application scenarios  to make diagnosis faster and more accurate, and make pathological detection more  efficient. A single monitor can meet different standards for radiological and pathological modes.

16-bit LUT

The 16-bit lookup table further reduces the DICOM error, and the distinction between two adjacent gray scales is more obvious, which is conducive to the diagnosis of the early lesion  tissue with the smallest gray scale difference from the normal tissue.

High Brightness

Brightness is one of the most important performance indicators of medical displays. High brightness can achieve a larger dynamic range and more gray-scale details, which can help  locate the lesion and improve the accuracy of diagnosis.


The 3D LUT reveals the accurate color points in the three-dimensional color space, and can  handle all display calibration issues, from simple gamma values, color ranges and tracking  errors, to correction of advanced non-linear properties, color crosstalk (decoupling), Hue  saturation, brightness, etc.

Integrated Dual-Screen

This technology can display images from two signals on one display, eliminating the problem of inconsistency between the two screens caused by the difference of the screen itself, giving the final image result more accuracy and precision.

Color Temperature Calibration

Multiple color temperature provides user options for better personal preference.

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